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Monica B. Sands The MK Story

The MK Story

It was against all odds for Allied pilots shot down over Nazi occupied Europe to evade the enemy. British Intelligence service MI-9 infiltrated their agents into Nazi occupied Europe to help these stranded pilots behind enemy lines and get them safely bac

€ 15,00
Sonja Schulz Hell Came Twice

Hell Came Twice

How a teenager unexpectedly finds herself imprisoned in a Japanese internment camp in the Dutch East Indies. When in 1945, she thought the war was over and she was going home, a twist of fate landed her in an other war. Spreker(s): Jane Oppenheimer

€ 15,00
Frits de Haan A Boy's Journey

A Boy's Journey

One child in an unfortunate family inadvertently caught up in World War II and the subsequent war for independence, called the Bersiap period, was a five-year-old boy called Frits. This his story. Spreker(s): Alex White-Hyde

€ 9,99
Oscar Felix Those were the Days

Those were the Days

After an adventurous journey, Oscar Felix (1893-1980) ends up in Santa Monica, California and instantly knows he is home. He was lucky to escape, before every Jew in his hometown Brailov was buried alive by the Nazis. Spreker(s): Alex Hyde-White

€ 15,00
Dennis R. Horner The Christian Religion

The Christian Religion

Twenty-eight unacceptable mysteries to the intelligent man and Why doesn't God give a damn? This audiobook does not deny the existence of God; it merely asks why we should believe in a God who appears not to care. Spreker(s): Bruce Cullen

€ 15,00
A. Venger An Eye for an Eye

An Eye for an Eye

In the early 2000's the text of this book was found in a safe. In this autobiographical drama a score is settled. What's better, revenge or no justice at all? You be the judge! Spreker(s): Alex Hyde-White

€ 15,00
Isaac Shapiro Edokko


A marvelous account of WWII Japan from the unique perspective of a brilliant boy -- son of Russian jews, born in Tokyo -- whose intrepid nature sees him follow a most unlikely and almost surreal path. Spreker(s): Isaac Shapiro

€ 15,00
Liliane Pelzman En verder geen leed

En verder geen leed

De oorlogsbelevenissen van Sonja Kiek-Rosenstein Cohen en haar bizarre tocht via Theresienstadt, Auschwitz, Birkenau en Birnbäumel. Na de oorlog bleek dat ze alles verloren had, wat haar dierbaar was. Spreker(s): Cisca Brier

€ 15,00
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