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I survived Camp Pundung

Dutch Colonial History during WWII. Spreker(s): Alex Hyde White

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The MK Story

It was against all odds for Allied pilots shot down over Nazi occupied Europe to evade the enemy. British Intelligence service MI-9 infiltrated their agents into Nazi occupied Europe to help these stranded pilots behind enemy lines and get them safely bac

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Hell Came Twice

How a teenager unexpectedly finds herself imprisoned in a Japanese internment camp in the Dutch East Indies. When in 1945, she thought the war was over and she was going home, a twist of fate landed her in an other war. Spreker(s): Jane Oppenheimer

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A Boy's Journey

One child in an unfortunate family inadvertently caught up in World War II and the subsequent war for independence, called the Bersiap period, was a five-year-old boy called Frits. This his story. Spreker(s): Alex White-Hyde