Dutch Dance - How The Netherlands took the lead in Electronic Music Culture - Mark van Bergen

Dutch Dance is the first and most complete English language history of the rise and growth of the world dominating Dutch electronic dance music industry and culture. Spreker(s): Emmelie Zipson
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This story begins in September 1988, when house music was being introduced on the dancefloors in Amsterdam by US and UK DJ/producers who for the first time found a receptive audience for their (acid) house music style. The Netherlands, a hedonistic and freethinking nation, helped to accelerate the new subculture in an unrestrained cocktail of artists, music, parties, festivals and not in the last place the love drug xtc.After thirty years, The Netherlands are still at the vanguard of this world-wide cultural phenomenon.

Dutch Dance: How The Netherlands took the lead in Electronic Music Culture chronologically documents all the steps in this expansion, providing a wealth of information, interviews, pictures, party flyers and portraits. It explains how the mix of socioeconomic circumstances, creativity, commercial instinct, talent, work ethics and liberal government policies, provided the fertile ground for electronic dance music to flourish. This book documents all the major players, venues, cities and styles involved in this incredible cultural history, and is published in October 2018, during Amsterdam Dance Event, exactly 30 years after the revolutionary breakthrough of house music in The Netherlands.
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Spreker(s): Emmelie Zipson

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