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An audio tour thought Mozart’s hometown Salzburg. The city is pristine, has lots of clean air and a rich history dating back to the 7th century AD. Spreker(s): Cecily Lock
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Salzburg was Mozart’s hometown. It served as inspiration for ‘the Sound of Music’ and is host to one of the biggest musical festivals in Europe. The small town is pristine, pretty, has lots of clean air and a rich history dating back to the 7th century AD. AudioCityTours has focused their attention on this little gem amidst the Alps and produced a self guided audio tour.

Accomplished pianist Cecily Lock will be your guide. She lifts the veil of what is behind the façade of Salzburg. During the tour through the old city centre, past fountains and squares, you’ ll hear tell-tales of Salzburg’s history, local customs and what Mozart really thought of Salzburg.

The tour takes 90 minutes. The Salzburg tour begins on the Mozart square, at the maestro’s feet.

Walk Duration: 90 minutes (app.)
Distance: City Centre, 2,8 kilometers
Season: all year round
Time of day: Day light
Language: English/British

Annual rain fall: 133 mm, that is 1,3 meters
Number of fountains: 4
Number of tourists: too many
Must try: Bosna

Table of contents
Introduction to Salzburg
Castle Hohensalzburg
St. Peter's cemetery
Alter markt
Mozart's birthplace
Salzach river
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Spreker(s): Cecily Lock
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