Jeanette van As

Jeanette van As was born on the 24th of September, 1998, making her our youngest writer at Beta Than Paper! After living in the Middle East and Australia, where her parents worked as missionaries, she moved back to South Africa in 2006. “Because everyone was constantly telling me to keep quiet, I started writing. Poetic Fairyland is my first published work. I definitely believe in fairies! If I could live in Fairyland, I would be the Butterfly Fairy or the Lavender Fairy. I am working on another story, in Afrikaans, called Die Towergrot. It is about a weird, creepy world under the sea.”

Marvellous. Please support Jeanette, our youngest writer. Beta Than Paper is currently in the planning stages of a charity project that will actively involve the company in the lives of many young South Africans. We hope to bring you many more original products in this category.
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