Japie Bogaards

Japie Bogaards matriculated in 1970. After finishing his military training he started studying at the University of Potchefstroom (Noordwes). He finished his B Comm degree in 1974 and a B Comm Houners degree in Business Economics in 1975.

He started writing as a hobby in 2001and attended the yearly writing course presented by the ATKV in 2003 at Potchefstroom. In 2007 he started studying a Masters Degree in Creative Writing which he completed in 2010. His mentor is the well known author and poet Prof. Henning Pieterse. In 2008 he received a bursary from LAPA Publishers to support him with his studies.

His debut novel Tussen middernag en dagbreek is currently with LAPA Publishers. A collection of short stories will be completed before June 2011. A short story Onthou?has been published by Maskew Miller Longman. He won second prize for the short story ’n Houthuisie met rooi spikkelgordyne in a competition sponsored by the Bloemfontein Skrywersvereniging.
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