Christelle van Graan

Christelle van Graan has a passion for acting, writing, physical theatre and dancing which found its first platform on her mother’s dining room table. She went on to study Drama at the University of Pretoria where she also directed, choreographed and wrote theatre productions.

During her studies she developed a love for educational theatre and theatre for community development. In 2010 she started touring Gauteng and surrounding provinces for Productions2000, with an educational theatre production for children. This passion for the performing arts has led to the starting of a production and theatre company, Pôkô Events and Productions, which focuses on creating new and exciting theatre for the South African entertainment industry, which she co-owns.

In 2010 she appeared in 4Play: Sex Tips for Girls for Curious Pictures, screened on etv. Since 2011 she is content developer and scriptwriter for D-tv’s Candice@. She is also an avid writer of screenplays, radio-dramas, poetry and short novellas which now has a platform on Audio-Books, as both voice-over artist and writer.
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